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China and Canada Art Exhibition from China and Canada was held in Toronto

The Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese Culture goes into Canada

Tonronto, ONT – April 22, 2017

The Belt and Road Initiative, the seventh stop of global art tour of Chinese culture stepped into Canada finally. In the opening ceremony held in the morning, the famous artists from China, and the three tier of Canada’s government dignitaries and representatives, local Chinese community and the media representatives of nearly 100 people together to celebrate the event.

Mr. Zhu Fengjie

The event was planned by the People’s Daily Oversea network Canada channel, hosted by the Canadian Association of Chinese Reporter, organized by Canadian Chinese medium group. Mr. Zhu Fengjie, the President of the Canadian Association of Chinese Reporter, first of all, welcomed the calligraphy and painting artists from China. “This year is the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, but also the 48th anniversary of the Chinese-Canadian exchange, in this historical moment to hold such a cultural exchange activities have important historical significance.”I would like to congratulate our limners and artists on an unforgettable Maple Leaf tour in Canada,” she said.

The event planner Shen Zuhong said that the Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out: to promote the Chinese culture going out, to improve the national cultural soft power, the relationship between China’s cultural orientation in the world, the relationship between China’s international status and the international community, the Chinese culture, Influence, the relationship between the “two hundred years” goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to achieve the realization of the Chinese dream. Along the way with the Chinese culture to go out of the global art tour, from beginning to end to implement the Chinese President of the “Chinese culture to go out,” the great instructions of the spirit, always unswervingly follow the chairman of “The Belt and Road Initiative” great goal, always committed to Carry forward the Chinese traditional culture. Since its inception in 2014, has been successfully held in Dubai, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, South Africa and other countries, all the way forward, good world, rave reviews, at home and abroad caused strong repercussions.

Shen Zuhong said that this year when Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary, the seventh stop of global art tour of Chinese culture stepped into Canada, is to promote the development of China-Canada relations and another cultural event! The Chinese-Canadian Art Exhibition will give overseas people who love traditional Chinese culture an opportunity for exchanges, and a well-known domestic calligraphy and calligraphy exchange a good time.

Zhang Wenxiang, a member of the delegation and a national first-class artist and president of the Chinese Party Painting and Calligraphy Institute, said that the overseas Chinese culture will have the opportunity to appreciate the famous Chinese painting and calligraphy “The son of the Yangtze River” Zhu Meilin, Master of Buddha painting Wang Dachuan, The first person of morden embroidery Sun Yanyun, Xiang Chi Master and other works, as well as Nebula Master, Wang Haili and others works. Activities are committed to the Chinese characteristics of culture – China’s famous traditional painting and calligraphy exhibition “going abroad” to enhance the soft power of Chinese culture.

The members of delegation of the Belt and Road Initiative presented the artist’s paintings to all the VIP guests the organizers.
After the opening ceremony, Chinese artists made a 10-meter-long picture for the event organizers.

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