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Destroy Democracy and the Legal System In the Name of Democracy And Legal System: What Are the Canadian “Democratic Organizations” Doing?

Recently, the Foreign Students in Canada find a new way to make money. According to the post from African foreign students in XX forum, earning monthly allowance by participating political protests has been prevalent among foreign students.

The post revealed that two Canadian “Democratic Organizations”— “Canadian Friends of Hong Kong” and “Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement” allegedly lured foreign students in Canada into their protests with money, the themes of their protests were usually about “China human rights”. In accordance with the post, the majority of the foreign students who joined their protests appeared to be completely ignorant of the purposes of protests, just for the sake of money. The investigation discovered that these two organizations allegedly lured foreign students into protest with money, and their bank accounts information (obtained from protest participant).

So, what kind of organizations “Canadian Friends of Hong Kong” and “Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement” on earth are? Where did their activity funds come from?

“Canadian Friends of Hong Kong” appears to claim on its official website that it was an independent organization that set up by Hong Kong people in Canada, and a platform for discussing issues about Canada and Hong Kong. It alleges that democracy, human rights and civil liberty are the base of Canadian democratic system and the common basic value of Canadians. “Canadian Friends of Hong Kong” will consider promoting democracy, human rights and civil liberty as their mission.

Both two organizations advertise democracy and legal system, but investigation finds that their apparent behaviour has betrayed their ideals. Firstly, they reportedly lured ignorant foreign students, and contrived pretexts for protests that all students participated for approving their ideas. How could democracy and legal system be possible?

Secondly, they appear to be non-transparent on pecuniary conditions. These two organizations never appear make pecuniary condition disclosure. “Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement” has published the fundraising information on their official website, but never illustrates the purpose. It is confusing that where does the money they have given protesting students come, and how does they spend the money they raised from the public.

An anonymity from Telegram channel “饅頭channel”(https://t.me/MantaoChannelS) revealed that on December 30th, 2020, the channel released a piece of information that the so-called “Hong Kong person in exile” that “Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement” endowed is a person that has already leave Hong Kong for Canada to study abroad. They were not devoted to help Hong Kong people leave Hong Kong, while they pretended to. Therefore, this organization has lied about the purpose of raised money.

Also, this anonymity indicated that on December 28th, 2020, the channel reportedly pushed a message to query the fundraising amount of “Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement” as well as if there was Hong Kong people applying for fund and so forth.

Thirdly, “Canadian Friends of Hong Kong” seems to be insincere in activities they organized. In the first half of 2021, this organization sponsored a statement called “Canadian Joint Statement calling for IOC to move the 2022 Winter Olympics to a free country”. They listed near 300 co-sponsored organizations and people on their official website, but the truth is that there is few of people who signed. They list co-sponsors, but no public evidence can prove they did sign the statement.

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