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State Grid Hunan Company Implements Various Measures To Ensure Safety

cctvmedium News】Recently, Hunan has faced the strongest cold wave in nearly 50 years, and the freezing rain and snow weather has posed a challenge to the power grid. According to the State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company, the power department has taken measures such as ”Thousand-people Ice Observation + Technology-integrated Ice Melting” to ensure the safe operation of power supply lines.

”Thousand-people Ice Observation” refers to the 1,885 mobile ice observation posts and 157 fixed ice observation posts set up throughout the province of Hunan. Over 4,200 power workers are stationed at these posts. At the freezing observation post of the 220 kV Zaopan Line in Shimen County, Hunan Province, two power workers are stationed here, checking the ice thickness on the towers every two hours. They rest in a temporary room at night and will remain on duty until the end of this round of freezing rain and snow weather.

The power workers of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Ltd., Xiangtan Power Supply Branch, are conducting drone inspections. (Photo by Bai Lan)

In terms of ”Technology-integrated Ice Melting”, Hunan Power Company has deployed 160 ice melting devices, along with drones, multifunctional cameras, and other advanced ice monitoring equipment. The staff on duty at the Xiangtan Power Supply Branch’s Transmission Panoramic Monitoring Center of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company, remotely monitor the power lines using 1,324 visual devices and 4 ice monitoring devices. Inspection personnel are also conducting on-site manual inspections together with drones to promptly assess the ice situation and carry out ice melting work.

From February 21st to 25th, by 8 a.m., Hunan power grid has completed a total of 185 ice melting operations and 152 de-icing operations.(Jenny)

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