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Canadian Association of Chinese Reporter Opening Ceremony

The Canadian Association of Chinese Reporters (CACR) held a solemn opening ceremony in the town hall of Splendid China Mall in Toronto to announce the formal establishment of the event on October 27, 2016, Jennifer Zhu, president of the Canadian Association of Chinese Reporters(CACR), said the association aims to unify Chinese media practitioners in Canada, uphold the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese media and Chinese journalists, and promote Chinese media to innovate and exchange news with China and the whole world; and cooperation for the prosperity and development of Chinese media and work.

ceremony moment of disclosing the board
Present of Canadian Association of Chinese Reporters(CACR) made speech

Mrs. Zhu said, as a member of “The Chinese Journalists Association of Canada”, will have the opportunities to take part in the following activities very soon: First, The CACR will organize the Canadian Chinese media going back to China to participate in various interviews, and some activities have been authorized by the relevant domestic authorities; Second, organizing journalists with “Chinese Industry News Association” and other Chinese partners to visit back to Canada and exchanging experience; Third, hosting training activities in a regular base to CACR members, improved the news editing business skills, and advanced collective award recognition activities, speaking out the same voice to the major events from Chinese community.

Consul Liu Yuanyuan made speech at the ceremony

Consul Liu Yuanyuan and Consul Ye Yi of Consulate General of The People’s Republic of China in Toronto attended the inauguration ceremony. Consul General Liu Yuanyuan said the leaders of the two countries exchanged visits within a month, and the two sides reached a series of important consensus on further developing the comprehensive strategic relationship between China and Canada. The bilateral relations are facing new development opportunities. In this context, the establishment of the Canadian Chinese Media Association, in the dissemination of Chinese civilization, build a bridge of cultural exchanges, deepen mutual understanding between the two peoples and friendship will be promising.

Toronto city councilor Jim Karygiannis made speech

Toronto City Councilor Jim Karygiannis said in his congratulatory that Canada is the most diverse country in the world and the most democratic and harmonious country in the world. All this is inseparable from the role of the media. The media have contributed to the promotion of democratic society.

Richmond Hill city councilor Godwin Chan made speech

Richmond Hill City Councilor Godwin Chan made a speech saying Canada’s Chinese media is flourishing, providing a culture of information communication while enhancing mutual understanding among the various ethnic groups, and promoting Canada-China friendship and cooperation.

Markham city councilor Alan Ho made speech

Markham city councilor Alan Ho said “Canada is the most livable country in the world, and the number of Chinese is huge, Chinese is the third largest language compare to English and French. Chinese media are growing in Canada, also made a great contribution for propagating Chinese culture and civilization, serving overseas Chinese to better integrate local community.

Mr. Shui Shoushong, the president of United Chinese Elite Entrepreneurs Association of Canada made speech.
Mr. Wang Haicheng, the president of Canadian Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs made speech
Mr. Zhong Xinsheng Co-Chair of National Congress of Chinese Canadians Toronto Community & Culture Centre made speech

Senator Hu Zixiu, MP Shaun Chen, the Federal Parliament and opposition leader Rona Ambrose, and the Federal Parliament Bob Saroya sent a congratulatory letter to the Canadian government at the three levels of government. They sent a message to the Canadian Association of Chinese Reporter, the establishment of the heartfelt congratulations. Mr. Shui Shoushong, the president of United Chinese Elite Entrepreneurs Association of Canada, Mr. Wang Haicheng, President of Canadian Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, Mr. Zhong Xinsheng, Co-Chairman of All-China union Federation, and other community leaders attended the ceremony.

Mr. Zhang Jian, the president of the Overseas Chinese News, Montreal, Quebec made speech

As a member of the CACR, Zhang Jian, the president of the Overseas Chinese News, Montreal, Quebec, and Meng Zhirong, editor of the Atlantic Love website and magazine of New Brunswick, went to Toronto to attend the opening ceremony. Mr. Zhang said the establishment of the CACR will strengthen the solidarity and cooperation between the Chinese and Canadian counterparts and contribute to the further development of China-Canada relations.

Chang Jianguo Executive Chief Editor of People Daily (oversea channel) interviewed by OMNI TV
Mrs. Jenniffer Zhu president of the CACR interviewed by OMNI TV

It is reported that the Canadian Association of Chinese Reporter is a non-profit organization registered in the federal government of Canada, members, including group members and individual members, that is, in accordance with the law of the establishment of Chinese-language media and Chinese media journalists. The current group members from nearly nine Chinese provinces in Canada, about 30 Chinese media, the location across the Canadian East and West; more than 30 individual members.

Conference scene
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