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MultiLinx and CAPP meet Chinese Community

September 19, 2016, the MultiLinx community organization, cooperated with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) organized the first meet with 400 local Chinese from Chinese community, after which following by the stronger response from the community, another event was hosted again with only 60 elites from local Chinese community. Mr. Tim McMillan, the president and ceo of CAPP was involved in person at the two meetings, which interpreted as the association of Canada CAPP from local majority want to hear the voice from the Chinese community, paying more attention to Chinese community.

By these two events, CAPP and organizers deeply felt enthusiasm and expectation from the Chinese community, also Chinese investors.

November 17, the Canadian non-profit organization – MultiLinx invited a number of Chinese media, held a very meaningful media conference. The major invited speaker was Tim McMillan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

Tim McMillian made speech at the seminar

MultiLinx organized a couple of times events and seminar related closely to Canadian energy industry development since 2016. The goal of this Chinese media reception is to strengthen the understanding of CAPP among Chinese community, with the cooperation between CAPP and Chinese media, which can make the nature voice to Chinese community by multiple channels and media platform to better propagate the CAPP business.

Grace Zhang hosted the event

The Canadian Petroleum Producers Association is one of the oldest and most influential mainstream associations in Canada, and 90% of the Canadian oil business market is from CAPP member companies, from mining to refining, from transport to sales, the entire end to end industry chain, more than 90 members from CAPP, which made an extraordinary contribution to Canada’s employment, social stability and economic development.

In his presentation, Mr. McMillan not only introduces the current global ranking of Canada’s production and sales of oil & gas, but also talks about the positive impact of oil and gas industry on Canada’s employment, business and financial revenue, also, emphasis on Canada’s environmental protection and the very strict supervision to ensure that the Canadian oil industry is developed in a healthy and green way.

Tim McMillan and Jeff Trinh took photos with organizers and volunteers

However, Mr. McMillan also mentioned the challenges that the industry is currently facing. Low prices of oil have seriously been affected Canada’s employment; the state’s fiscal revenue in the industry also dropped by half; Profit from the industry as a whole fell from $ 150 billion in 2014 to less than $ 73 billion in 2016. Loss of profits is the sum of the Canadian auto production profits in total, which caused a direct drain of 50,000 jobs and a loss of 125,000 indirect jobs. without east-west oil pipeline also makes the oil-producing countries of Canada to pay more expensive prices on the eastern provinces while the lower price of oil output to the south of the United States at the same time.

Mr McMillan pointed out that the Canadian government should look to the future, He believes that the Government needs to increase investment as soon as possible, especially in the pipeline construction between east coast and west coast with its own advantages in production and mineral content.

In his viewpoint, the contribution of energy income to the entire Canada is not only about employment and fiscal revenue, as well as Canadian economic stability. Mr McMillan welcomes the active participation of the Canadian Energy Citizen social media, which has been set up by the association, to influence the government’s policies and investments in the oil and gas industry.

After the speech, Jeff Trinh, the founder of MultiLinx community organization summed up the significance of the event, and the appreciation of Tim’s arriving. York District Councilor Joe Li was also invited to speak, and a journalist from Chinese community asked Tim what is the impact of US president election to Canada’s oil & gas industry during the Q & A session.

Mr. McMillan replied that their efforts to build the US-Canada pipeline for almost a decade were rejected by the US government, which alerted Canada to not only rely on one customer, but also to find new customers in the East and West. Now Trump is elected president of the United States, intends to continue the North American oil pipeline project, which seems to be a very viable option, Canada should implement this project. At the same time, Canada shall also realize how important it is to connect to the markets of China and India. Mr McMillan said he was keen to work with China. And hope that the Canadian government should open east-west oil pipeline as soon as possible, so that our country’s oil industry can become the driving force of promoting the Canadian economy!

The oil industry is the main line of Canada’s economy. There are more than 2,400 companies in the country, and 400,000 jobs are related to it. We will pay more attention to how and where the way that the Canada’s energy economy will go. The Canadian Petroleum Producers Association (CAPP) will also increase the communication with local Chinese community, striving to make a better Canada together.

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