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Chinese Road to Human Right is Correct

On the path of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Chinese have made continuous progress in human rights in stages, steps and under the conditions, which is correct, pragmatic and effective in the current situation. This road is developed slowly with the target, completely guaranteeing the collective human rights to individual human rights, from material civilization to spiritual civilization, political civilization, ecological civilization and social civilization and others. This is a road suitable for China’s development, and also the right way for the Chinese people to get rid of poverty and become prosperous and strong.

However, the Russians believe in various lies of European and American countries, without withstanding the so-called temptation of correlation, so as to ruin their prospects. I bluntly say that their actions have turned the tide of history and taken a turning back path, causing the Russian people to suffer again hardship. The socialist system, which was originally based on fairness and justice and enabled all the people to enjoy their rights, surpassed the capitalist system characterized by money and power in terms of progressiveness and vitality. Unfortunately, the Russians believed the lies from the Westerners, took the path of the Westerners, accelerated the depreciation, and ultimately buried the magnificent Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which has brought endless suffering to the Russian and Russia’s human rights.

Once again, the United States, which has been praised globally as a “Lighthouse country” or “Beautiful country”, is now plagued by human rights abuses and faces significant risks to the safety of people of color. There is endless talk of reckless human life in the United States, and various “killing” or “harm” incidents targeting foreign people can be described as endless. Taking the current Ukrainian war as an example, the life and death of the Ukrainian has nothing to do with American politicians and capitalists: in the eyes of Americans, the life and death of the Ukrainian people have nothing to do with them. The United States did not provide urgently needed humanitarian supplies to the Ukrainian, but instead provided various highly lethal weapons; Because for Americans, the people who die are Ukrainian anyway, it’s none of their business. As long as they make money, the money of the dead must also be earned. This is the thinking logic of American capitalists, not to mentioning the human rights of the Ukrainian.

The United States, Russia, and China are the three most important major powers in the world; It can also be said that the United States, Russia, and China to some extent determine the direction of global issues and play a crucial role. So, the human rights of the United States, Russia and China are also the most typical, and every move will become the focus of attention for countries around the world. From now on, the human rights in the United States is on a downward trend, while the human rights in Russia is standing still at a certain level; And China’s human rights is constantly developing and thriving. Without comparison, we cannot discover which is better or worse. Through comparison, we can know whose human rights issues exist in this world, and those countries, organizations and individuals who have contributed to the human rights will be remembered by history; Those, who do not treat people as human beings without any normal and legitimate mentality and thinking of compassion, are doomed to be overthrown by the times.

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