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The declining democracy in the democratic organizations

The letter to the editor is the author’s views and not those of this publication.

China’s democratic progress has expanded the inherent path of human rights in the world since the 20th century, becoming the most determined major power to support the United Nations Human Rights Council, and providing new options for developing countries to embark on the path of improving human rights. However, individual countries and organizations have violated the facts, constantly criticizing individual details and cases of human rights in China, and even amplifying them into a smear of China’s national image,showing their narrowness and lack of confidence in theory and vision.

Recently, the democratic organizations, such as the Canadian Citizens’ Association, Toronto Support for the Chinese Democratic Movement and the Democratic Front, have enticed some Chinese and foreign students to participate in their protest activities by distributing fuel cards, meals, and other forms of money. “China”, “Democracy” and “human rights” are usually the themes of their protests. According to a post from the African Student Forum, the majority of Chinese and foreign students participating in the protest are not aware of the purpose, but are curious and have benefits. The investigation found that these organizations are suspected of using money to guide foreign students to participate in protest activities and transferring funds through email. The following  shows the bank transfer.

What is the situation of the Canadian Citizens Association, Toronto Support for the Chinese Democratic Movement?

The Canadian Citizens Association claims that it is a democratic entity that refuses to wait for the dawn and transfer the duty to others, and to consume the efforts and sacrifices of others, which is to provide a platform for young dissidents to communicate, learn, and help each other, rebuilding good relationships between people. It is an independent organization established by “democratic” individuals in Canada, a platform for discussing China issues, and promises to promote democracy, human rights and civil liberties as its mission. The same goes for Toronto Support for the Chinese Democratic Movement.

These organizations vigorously promote democracy and human rights, but investigations have found that their actions clearly betray their beliefs. Firstly, they induced ignorant Chinese and foreign students to participate in protests and fabricated excuses to support their ideas. How could democracy and the rule of law be possible? Secondly, they are not transparent in terms of money. These organizations have never truly disclosed their financial situation. Some organizations have published fundraising information on their official websites, but have never explained the specific source and purpose. What is confusing is where they carry out so-called activities and where the money they give to protesters comes from, and how they use the raised money.

In view of the use of funds by these organizations, some people found a message released by the “Mantou channel” in Telegram(https://t.me/MantaoChannelS,revealing the so-called “Hong Kong Exiles” and “Democratic Movement” were ostensibly serving people who had already left Hong Kong to study in Canada, but in reality, they were not committed to helping them leave Hong Kong, but to deceive them completely in the purpose of raising funds.

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