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Chinese Stories Chinese New Year 2020 — Chinese Canadian Spring Festival Gala is coming

Toronto, Ontario, January 01, 2020 — As one of the 2020 “Happy Chinese New Year” series activities in the consular district of Consulate General of PRC in Toronto, the cultural evening 2020 “Chinese Story Chinese Year” with the theme of telling Chinese stories and promoting Chinese culture will be held in local time in 2020. Held in Toronto on January 12.

The Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, as a special support of the Gala, hopes that this “Chinese Stories Chinese Year 2020 Gala” will tell the Chinese story so that the overseas Chinese and different ethnic groups can better understand China, and also allow overseas Chinese to have a more sense of participation and gain. At the same time, relying on the unique advantages of overseas Chinese media to promote the widespread dissemination of Chinese culture, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields at home and abroad, and help realize the “Chinese dream”.

The purpose of the Chinese New Year party was to “tell a good Chinese story, spread a good Chinese voice, and record the changes of the times”. With the help of overseas media platforms, using localized language and vivid storytelling to introduce a three-dimensional true and comprehensive China. The evening show is rich and diverse. In addition to popular songs and dances, there are also international award-winning magic and acrobatics performances. The evening will be broadcast live on TV, the Internet and mobile APP. There will be hundreds of millions of viewers at home and abroad. Celebrate the New Year. Traditional media broadcast platforms include Yinchuan TV, Wuhan TV, and Dalian TV. IQiyi is the exclusive broadcast platform in mainland China, and Youtube broadcasts simultaneously overseas.

The “Chinese Stories Chinese Year”, Canadian Chinese Overseas Spring Festival Gala has been held for two years and has been loved and appreciated by audiences at home and abroad, especially from the cultural departments of various provinces in China. It has become a truly worthy one for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese. Party. (Zhu Fengjie, Gao Ning)

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