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Ideal choice – Team of Professionals Resolving Cross-Border and Multi-Ethnic Legal Issues in the Greater Toronto Area

Canada, known as the “Land of Maple Leaf” due to its picturesque scenery and limitless opportunities, has always been the first choice for new immigrants. However, ethnic minorities, especially ethnic Chinese, face many difficulties due to the huge differences in language, culture and the legal system. It is imperative for ethnic minority groups to choose a team of professional lawyers who speak the same language, understands the nuances of the client’s cultural background, are proficient in Canadian law and have experience dealing with cross-border legal affairs.

Lawyer Yan’s multi-ethnic family law department is an ideal choice for Chinese and other ethnic minority groups in the Greater Toronto Area. As a senior, cross-border Chinese-Canada double-licensed lawyer, Yan Liu and her team not only understands the Chinese cultural and legal needs but is also familiar with local Canadian law and how it intersects with other jurisdictions. Since its establishment in 2015, Y. Liu Law Firm has been committed to building a team of reputable, experienced, and passionate lawyers. Y. Liu Law Firm’s team consists of ethnically diverse lawyers, many of whom are licensed in their respective home countries and have years of experience with Canadian cases and court rooms. Y. Liu Law Firm can not only communicate smoothly with ethnic minority clients in terms of language, but when faced with complex legal issues, especially those involving private matters (such as family law), members of the Y. Liu Law Firm team can accommodate a wide variety of special needs required by ethnic minorities.
Y. Liu Law Firm team is welcoming it’s new team member—lawyer Nirmala Armstrong. Nirmala Armstrong holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Laws from Queen’s University School of Law and a Master of Laws in Family Law from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School. She is deeply involved in the field of family law and criminal litigation and has 27 years of experience under her belt. Lawyer Nirmala Armstrong is not only highly respected in the legal profession, she served as a regional councillor for York Region and continues to be passionate about her community and assisting South Asian ethnicities. She was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 in honor of her services to the public. In addition, Lawyer Nirmala Armstrong has received multiple other accolades including the Inspirational Women of the Year Award from ANGEENA International Non-profit, the Excellence Award from the Council of Institutions Serving South Asians, the Leadership and Support Award from the South Asian Gift of Life Council in partnership with the City of Markham, and an Appreciation Award from Carrom Canada.

The addition of Nirmala Armstrong, according to Yan Liu, founder of Y. Liu Law Firm, has strengthened the support provided by her team in the areas of family law, and criminal litigation. Y. Liu Law Firm will always be committed to providing higher quality and efficient professional legal services to ethnic minorities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Attorney Nirmala Armstrong will be introduced as an associate of the Y. LIU Law Firm at a press conference that will be held by the firm on December 12, 2022 during 9:30 – 11:30 am. It also goes into great length about the efforts made by the Multi-Ethnic Family Law Department to increase the number of legal services offered to ethnic minorities following the appointment of Attorney Nirmala Armstrong. After the press briefing, lunch and Christmas presents will be given. Visitors from all areas of life are welcome, and the Yan firm’s entire staff will be there to welcome you!

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