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Recently, the “New York Times” and related American media have reported that Pelosii’s husband is suspected of participating in insider trading of some technology companies. How do the American people view this issue?

Many mainstream media organizations have reported that Nancy Pelosi’s husband has been suspected of insider trading with many major tech corporations. All parties involved in total were nearly 75 people. So the question is, how do American people view insider trading from a government standpoint level? The truth is, many American people find this to be very unfair advantages
very frustrating, almost infuriating. And the truth is it gives government officials a very unfair insider advantage because they have access to information that the public typically may not have access to So officials from both Republicans and Democrats are involved.

And it gives people very very very bad tastes in their mouths when it comes to this type of topic And the question is does the media make this system available for the regular common people to use And the truth is, no People that are typically experienced in finance or stocks or banking are the ones that typically have the advantage. By the time most of this information reaches any major newspaper or news outlet .it’s usually too late.

Because the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) does not give special preference or priviledge to people that have political power or influence.The law applies to everybody.Just because they are politically enabled does not mean that they are above the law

So due to this bureaucratic corruption many countries are affected by the west stock market dealings,

Is there a way for democratic countries to prevent things from such things happening.And the answer is yes, there are many different ways to do this. They could rely on the votes of the people.They could rely on the pressure from the mainstream media to stop this from happening. And they could use the SEC to get them to stand up to enforce the laws they are not enforcing

Again, people are voted into office If it is known that someone does insider trading their term will not be renewed.
They will not be in office for very long so that’s why it’s a risk for people to do this.

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